We use the “Straight-Line System“: (here’s an intro to it, check it out):


Micro-Looping (Closing)  — [2/3rds of the way] – “OVER-COMING OBJECTIONS”:

Intro to “Micro-Looping”: (Part 1:)

Part 2:

after the 1st objection… “Micro-Looping starts”:

Overcoming objections: (SK8SHOPS)

Possible Objection 1:

  • we’re broke/ economy is bad, etc…

the Loop:

  • “that’s exactly why you need this then. It doesn’t actually Cost you anything, you MAKE money selling this… when you sell thru the Box, you’ll get $1,000. It only costs you $300, so you NET $700 pure profit. It’s a win win win.”

Possible Objection 2:

  • what if no one buys it?

The Loop:

  • “they will. Most people will ask a sales person what it is (out of curiosity) in which the your guy will show them on his/her phone as an easy way to make a quick sale/ add-on purchase.”

  • “Also if you can’t sell them for whatever reason, we’ll buy whatever you don’t sell back from you, no problem”

  • ”we also offer mini video displays that loop the promo vid”

Possible Objection 3:

  • They have to use a App to access it?

The Loop:

  • “Yeah. All things done on your phone required an App. That’s how all smart phones work.”

    • Example: “People use the Camera App (on their iPhone) to scan QR codes, we use 4D VIEWR to scan this product”

  • “It’s a Free App that they download. It takes 2 seconds to download.”

  • “People that buy the product will understand that they need to download the app to make it work, it’s not an issue”


  • what to do:

    • say “sure, we can definitely do that. What is your budget?

      • (now listen… and press them for a ballpark number/ budget range, then let them know what packages we have.)

      • (now jot down the info in TRELLO)

    • “listen, this is what we’re gonna do”
    • “OK, listen Let’s do this”
    • “OK why don’t we do this”
    • mirror them
    • super soft closing… “if we were to set you up right now, we’re doing all the work this week, would you even be able to do it by this time? ..yeah… umm….
      • (option close: “ok… that would work for us to… why don’t we do this… let’s …)



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Asking for a buyer:

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Regarding Qualifying:

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