We are hiring Sales Reps for Holographic Skate Coasters.

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QUICK INFO about the product you’ll be selling:

  • The product is called Holographic Skate Coasters.

    • It’s an Augmented Reality Skateboarding magazine that we sell to a list of 2000+ skate shops.
    • It’s a cool, brand new interactive 4D skate magazine with articles, video clips, event information, and all kinds of other stuff.
    • New issues / new content gets beamed into the Magazine / 4D Coaster daily via the 4D Cloud.



^ All skate shops have this display


  • We manage all of our accounts/ and take notes via Trello (our online bulletin board)
  • You would be responsible to take notes on who you call
  • There will also be some sales training/ onboarding in the beginning.
  • Since this is a remote sales job, we have progress meeting updates a few times per week.


Sales Rep Payment = 33% Sales Commission:

  • Sales Commission Terms simplified:
    • For every box of 100 ($300) you sell, you get $100
    • for every 10 boxes you sell, you get $1,000, and so on…


Apply to be a Sales Rep for Holographic Skate Coasters

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-Thanks and Good Luck!